Our past points to the future

Nogva is a leader in complete propulsion systems and generators for offshore and supply boats, fishing boats, ferries, merchant vessels and aquaculture worldwide.


We delivered our first self-produced semi-diesel engine in 1913. Customers were local fishermen, who constantly came back with experiences and suggestions for improvements. We listened and acted. Soon, Nogva was renown along the coast for both reliable engines and people.

Over the years, the boats became larger and more sophisticated, and many of our customers developed into global players. We were part of the Norwegian maritime cluster that grew up around us. A dynamic and innovative powerhouse of ship-owners, shipyards, designers and equipment suppliers. Together and independently, we assert ourselves in demanding markets worldwide.

Nogva delivers first-class, reliable solutions. We are there when you need us, we listen and act.

Today, as in 1913, Nogva’s reputation is for products and people that you can depend on and so it shall remain. Nogva is now a byword for reliability.


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