Nogva Motorfabrikk

Nogva Motorfabrikk is a highly efficient family-owned company with short decision lines and a team of over 50 skilled, experienced staff.

Customizing and completion of entire propulsion systems and generators for clients around the world is the core of our business. Our operation includes an exceptionally well-developed machining department dedicated to producing and controlling the quality of our own gears and propellers.

Also housed here are the servicing facilities for fishing and other vessels that sail the Norwegian coast.

Moreover, we also supply engines and complete propulsion systems for recreational fleet.


Nogva Svolvær

Established in 1978, Nogva Svolvær is responsible for sales and service of fishing and other working boats and pleasure craft in northern Norway. The Company has the breadth of expertise, equipment and facilities necessary in keeping both seasonal and year-round fishing fleets operational.

With approximately 10 employees, Nogva Svolvær is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nogva Motorfabrikk AS.


ET Hydraulikk

ET Hydraulikk designs and manufactures hydraulic cylinders. Customers are mainly shipyards and manufacturers of marine equipment, plus shipping companies with a need for custom cylinders.

Examples of applications include doors, tow points, moon-pools, cranes, A-frames, brake cylinders, and steering cylinders.

The company also operates an extensive cylinder service and component production to sectors with inherent high demand on uptime.

ET Hydraulikk has approx. 25 employees and is a subsidiary of Nogva Motorfabrikk AS.


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