John Deere40278 Scania199640 Cummins4332000 


> Nogva marine generators: 40-2000 kW
> Nanni marine generators: 8-31 kW
> Broadcrown industry generators: 19-2750 kVA


Nogva provide marine power generators based on engines from Cummins, Scania and John Deere. We place great emphasis on quality work and components. The production is designed for customization to suit individual needs.

  • Emergency generators are built with both engine mounted and freestanding radiators.
  • Auxiliary engines and other generators are delivered with cooling solution according to demands.

Before delivery, all units are test run, all monitoring functions are tested and implemented load test.

Nogva’s Engine Computer monitors generator engines. This is our own system, which can be customized according to the current class requirements and customer’s wishes.


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